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And the Creepiest Sissy Award Goes to...

Kerry! Apparently wearing full female bodysuits and masks al a Buffalo Bill (sans human flesh) is actually a thing. Who knew? You can see her in action in one of her youtube videos or go to to purchase the horrific costumery yourself! Oh goody.

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Sissy History 101: a Timeline and More


   Rated as the 2nd worst Roman Emperor after Caligula, Elagabalus (204-222) a young successor to Marcus Aurelius was a transvestite.Historically recorded as hedonistic and regularly cross-dressed.
Elagabalus was dragged away with his mother by soldiers and murdered at the tender age of 18.
It is possible Elagabalus had sex-change surgery as Roman doctors at this time became very skilled in cosmeticsurgery. This would have made Elagabalus the first and only ever Roman Empress!

The idea that plastic surgery is a new skill for transsexuals is untrue.

Claudius Galen (131-201 AD) was a Greek physician who went to Rome and revived the ideas of Hippocrates and other Greek doctors. He studied at the famous Egyptian medic school of Alexandria.
At the age of 28, Galen became the surgeon to a school of gladiators but in 161 AD he moved to Rome and remained in the city until his death, aged 70.

His contribution to medicine and expert surgical techniques learnt from treating the horrific injuries the gladiators suffered enabled him to possess surgical skills few others could match, it is interesting that this still applies and war offered expertise almost 2000 years later to Sir Harold Gillies, internationally renowned as the father of modern plastic surgery, who played a pioneering wartime role in Britain developing pedicle flap surgery Gillies later performed surgery on the United Kingdom's first male-to-female transsexual - Roberta Cowell.


The Illini Indians

The french were astonished to find among the Illini some few men who dressed and acted out the role of women. These Illini were called Ikoneta. Small boys who showed marked tendencies toward femininity were raised as girls.This includes use of tattooing and language patterns that were traditionally female.


Francois-Timoleon de Choisy

 Choisy's life has been well documented by others, as well as his
own very detailed memoirs. By all accounts he was the classic transvestite, never attempting to disguise his biological sex, but frequently going about in public in full female attire and expressing a deep regret for not been born a girl. Choisy's mother dressed him as a girl until he reached 18 when he began appearing in public as a man. At least one historian has suggested a political motive behind his cross-dressing: he was deliberately feminised so as never to present a threat to King Louis XIVs throne. Be that as it may, Choisy never seems to have had any political ambitions and seems to have been quite contented with his public outings at the opera, the theatre, balls and other events dressed in the most lavish of female fashions.


"Molly Houses"

 Molly Houses were the gay clubs of the 1700's in England, where gays and Sissies would hang out and do their thing. "Molly" was the term used back then for transvestites. Turns out, not too much has changed. Who knew?

"Rebecca and Her Daughters"

 A group of transvestites who battled throughout the Welsh countryside in the 1840's, destroying roadside toll barriers, which were making the poor even poorer. They adopted the names and identities of women.

Cross-Dressing Carnival, 1900
 Film maker's Mitchell and Kenyon record a cross-dressing festival in Northern England.

Alfred Adler

 In the 1910's Adler founds the School of Individual Psychology and becomes the first psychoanalyst to challenge Freud. He coins the terms "Lifestyle" as well as "Inferiority complex" in his book, Study of Organ Inferiority and it's Physical Compensations.

Magnus Hirschfieild

 In 1919 Becomes one of the founding fathers of sexology when he opened the world's first Sexological institute, The Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin. It was later closed by the Nazi's.

Norman Haire
Publishes Encyclopedia of Sexual Knowledge in 1930. It addresses transvestism in great detail. It also illustrates the first modern sex change procedures.

Man into Woman: the Story of Lilli Elbe's Life
Male to female transition and gender reassignment surgery. Published in 1932.

Roberta Cowell
  On May 15th, 1951 Robert Cowell became Roberta Cowell the United Kingdom's first full surgically altered transsexual. 

Following are excerpts from an article, found at:

One day, after a squash match, his opponent observed "You know, you really ought to wear a brassiere!" This jokey comment actually caused Robert to try to find out just how much of a female he really was! A few days later he consulted a famous Harley Street sexologist.
The sexologist's considered opinion ... Robert had quite prominent female characteristics! He opined that, in Robert's case, his latent feminine characteristics were late developing. He thought that a degree of hermaphroditism was present too.

Further medical examination would be needed to see how feminine Robert was inside his body. Robert did not wish to become someone of no particular gender, or appear as an effeminate male. The problem was to re-orientate his existence to include his newfound femininity without becoming a social outcast.

Shortly after, a brilliant woman doctor, a gland specialist, took on his case. She had Robert examined by two gynaecologists, two GPs, a professor of anatomy and an endocrinologist. 

Their conclusion - they were amazed not that Robert was so feminine, but that such a female person could seem outwardly so masculine! They discovered an abnormal flow of female hormones in his body.

Robert had two options, the doctors suggested. To carry on unsatisfactorily as he was, or to live the rest of his life as a woman if he cared to chose to do so. Robert eventually discounted his personal third option - to end his own life. 

So Robert accepted that nature had originally intended him to be female. It explained his mental and physical contradictions, and allowed him to believe his depression had a physical reason; he was thus able to rationalise his situation to a greater degree. 

Although none of the doctors had personal knowledge of gender change from male to female, they had (apparently) often come across the female to male gender changes before, and had assisted such changes! They suggested that the use of female hormones, breast augmentation, a face-lift and a genital operation could remove any sexual ambiguity.  

He finally made his big decision - to plan the change to womanhood and go for it! He just hoped the strain of keeping the secret until his 'big day' would not be too great, especially as the hormones began to 'womanise' him. Robert would have to fund his own operations, as the necessary specialists were not in the then fledgling NHS. The hormones alone were extremely expensive! So Robert started out on his great adventure - to become Roberta.

 In preparation Roberta began wearing women's clothes outside of work time. He/she moved in with a close friend, confidante and supporter named Lisa. Roberta's early experiments with feminine clothes and cosmetics showed her just how much she had yet to learn about womanhood. Towards the end of '51 the first operation was scheduled. Almost unbelievably, as we see it today, it was to be Roberta's first long-term venture out as a female.

After her last restless night in hospital as a semi-male, she was given the UK's first pioneering vaginal construction operation. It took nearly seven hours, but was pronounced a great success! This naturally made a great difference to Roberta psychologically. The results seemed comparatively painless, and the metamorphosis to womanhood was almost complete. 

She felt she could no longer pose in any way as a man, especially as she could no longer go to the loo standing up! So she began at once to divest herself of all her male paraphernalia, as well as her auto engineering business (in which she had lost interest) and later, her fashion shop (where she leaned much about the clothing requirements for her womanhood and from where she initially obtained most of her classy outfits).

A facelift was also planned for late 1951, which gave her a reshaped mouth with new thicker upper lip, and a smaller nose with just a hint of a tip! For a while her face was a mass of plasters, clips and stitching, but gradually as it was removed the new, pert Roberta was revealed.

The day had finally come. Roberta had to appear in public in her finished femme state. With some necessarily heavy make-up, a new hat and some pretty Dior 'New Look' style clothes, she set of into the outside world ... starting at the deep end in West London's top shopping streets. She was surprised that the only reaction to her was "wow" from some workmen!

There was to be one small genital tidying up operation a few days later, but Robert had fully become Roberta! Dimensionally, she had changed too. Her bust was now 5 in. bigger, and her hips 2in.; but her waist was 5in. smaller! And she had lost an inch or so in height. A good thing, because, having been a rather small fellow, Roberta was now quite a tall woman for the 1950's. 

She found a great fascination in trying out every new wonder beauty treatment, lotion and fashion. Although her voice did not change, she learnt to modulate it, heighten the pitch slightly, and delete the male overtones. She had to wear a wig for quite a time until her hair grew long enough to give the hairdressers a chance to do something with it. 

Lisa remained her staunchest friend, and the harshest critic of the male mannerisms that occasionally manifested themselves. It took Roberta, as she had been warned, quite a time to get familiar with her new body, and her new existence. But she became contented with her lot and even found that some strong maternal instinct became apparent. Over the following years she faded into gentile obscurity.

Christine Jorgensen

Following are excerpts from an article, found here: 

Christine Jorgensen was not the first surgically altered transsexual woman and not even the first American transsexual, that award goes back a long way - read about that here, but she did change what being transsexual meant in press terms. 

On December 1, 1952, news of her 'sex change' in Denmark made front page news.

Born George Jorgenson to Danish-American parents 'he' joined the army in 1945. GI, George's desire to be a woman was overwhelming and George was fortunate to find sympathetic surgeons and endocrinologists  in Copenhagen. When George wanted to become a woman sex-change surgery was illegal in most countries there was no surgery available in America as it would make a man ineligible for military service and it was still a great secret in Britain at that time

Denmark was the only place George could go to have surgery as castration was used to treat sex offenders there. Christine had removal of penis and removal of testis, but did not have the construction of a vagina (neo-vagina). The surgical techniques were not that advanced at that time but the hormones she took made her appear a very convincing woman. Now  aged 26 Christine was not ready for the immense press intrusion who put lights on her parents home in the Bronx and comedians had a heyday - it was something very shocking for Joe Public! But in time She was someone who loved the lime light and would tip off the press and use the press to her advantage.

According to Publisher's Weekly, Jorgensen was the most written-about person in the press in 1953. As she herself noted years later in her autobiography, "I found it a shocking commentary on the press of our times that I drove news of the hydrogen bomb tests on Eniwetok Atoll off the front pages of newspapers around the world."

The attention she received damaged any hope of a quiet life. Although she considered herself primarily a photographer, she toured as a stage actress and singer and she eventually found herself  work as a nightclub entertainer. For 10 years some say she was making up to $5,000 a week.

She published her autobiography in the 1960s which became a film in the 1970s. She was one of the most popular speakers on the college lecture circuit. She had settled into a modest retirement in Southern California when she died of bladder cancer in 1989, at the age of 62.

Ed Wood

In 1953, the transvestite b-film director writes, directs and stars in his cult hit, Glen or Glenda.  The movie shows a sympathetic point of view on transvestism, from the side of Glen/Glenda as well as psychologists. It also featured an ill-fitting cameo of Bela Lugosi.

According to an Ed Wood bio, Danny Kaye may also have been a cross-dresser.

Masters and Johnson

In the early 1970's William Masters and Virginia Johnson's work revolutionizes knowledge and attitudes about human sexuality. They revise outdated Freudian theories and find that counseling helps most people suffering from sexual dysfunction. Sex therapy as a psychiatric specialty follows.

"A Change of Sex"

In 1979 the BBC program airs, allowing the public to follow the life of a pre-op transexual. It also highlighted the arrogance of psychiatrists at that time, based at the Gender Identity Clinic, Charing Cross Hospital, London.

Scientists Prove Transsexualism is not "all in the Mind"

In 1999, brain material provided by the Netherlands' Brain Bank demonstrates that transsexualism is, indeed a medical condition. The present findings of somatostatin neuronal sex differences in the BSTc and it's sex reversal in the transexual brain clearly clearly support the paradigm that in transsexuals, sexual differentiation of the brain and the genitalia may go into opposite directions and point to a neurobiological basis of gender identity disorder.

The Brini Maxwell Show on the Style Network

In 2003 the Style network launched a wonderful, but short-lived show starring NYC based public access darling, Brini Maxwell. The delightfully convincing Brini, being the drag version of Martha Stuart, gave viewers helpful tips, recipes and craft ideas all with a mid century modern "kitschy" flair and cheeky humor. She has built a career on her ideals of domesticity and her unique feminine style. She has published a book and her show can be found on DVD as well as numerous clips from her public access days on youtube. She should be the inspiration of all sissies.

Famous Modern Transvestites and Trannies (1980's-present)

Dennis Rodman

Eddie Izzard

Ru Paul

Amanda Lepore

Erica Andrews

Kangsadarn Wongdusadeekul

Sorrawee Nattee

Frank Marino

Mimi Marks

Aurora Sexton

Lana Blake

Lisa Beaumann

Romy Haag

Pete Burns 

Boy George

Chad Michaels

And my personal favorite: Brini Maxwell, of course!

Transvestism/ Transsexualism in Film

(only considering "real" tranniy movies here, not ones with men who need to dress like a girl to get out of a situation or the like, i.e. Some Like it Hot, Mrs. Doubtfire)

Glen or Glenda


Soldier's Girl

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Pricilla, Queen of the Desert

Funeral Procession of Roses

In a Year with 13 Moons

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Neumar 

The Crying Game

The majority of the John Waters filmography: all of his movies up until after Hairspray, featured cross dresser, Divine, who always played the role of a real woman (purposefully unconvincingly).


Silence of the Lambs

Dressed to Kill

Torch song Trilogy

Just Like a Woman

A Little Bit of Lippy

The Birdcage

Ma Vie En Rose

Holiday Heart

Girls will be Girls

Kinky Boots

Madame Butterfly

Photo Gallery

                                            Roberta Cowell

Christina Jorgenson

Ed Wood

Brini Maxwell

Dennis Rodman

Eddie Izzard

Ru Paul

Amanda Lepore

Kangsadarn Wongdusadeekul

Erica Andrews

Sorrawee Nattee

Frank Marino

Mimi Marks

Aurora Sexton

Lana Blake

Lisa Beaumann

Romy Haag

Pete Burns (circa 2000's)

Pete Burns (circa 1985)

Boy George

Chad Michaels 

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Sissy Tyler... Once Again.

So it looks to me like Sissy Tyler wants to be top sissy model! I just love his poses, he seems to be getting more confident with every new set of photos he sends me, which is good, I want my sissies to be the best they can be! Sissy Tyler writes: 

"Hello, I am writing you because I am wanting to be a sissy slave. I will do whatever you tell me to do and promise to obey all the rules. I have secretly worn girls underwear and lingerie ever since I was about 10 years old and I am 25 now. I've never been caught after all those years but I thinks it's time that my secret should be exposed for the world to see. I have over 100 pairs of really cute Victorias Secret panties and various lingerie outfits but it gets old just closing my door and dressing up by myself after so long. I need to be caught and humiliated for being such a naughty boy. I also could use some anal training discipline at times when I'm really naughty to put me in my place. Please accept me as a sissy slave."

Historical Sissy Painting Uncovered

I thought this would be of interest to my sissy boys out there, especially the ones who are too afraid to remove themselves from the safety of their closets. 

Portrait of Chevalier d'Eon by Thomas Stuart

It was the five o'clock shadow that helped give her away – the portrait was not, as it seemed, a rather grand if slightly butch 18th-century lady with a fancy feathered hat but was in fact the Chevalier d'Eon: diplomat, soldier, spy, transvestite.
The National Portrait Gallery has announced the acquisition of its first painted portrait of a man in woman's clothing; a cross-dresser who enjoyed considerable fame in both high society and popular culture.
Charles Geneviève Louis Auguste André Timothée d'Éon de Beaumont, to give her full name, is one of the most important transvestites in history. She was "a fascinating and inspirational figure", said Lucy Peltz, the gallery's curator of 18th-century portraits.
"We are absolutely delighted to be able to acquire this portrait. D'Eon is a particularly fascinating and important figure from 18th-century British history."
The painting was discovered by the London dealer Philip Mould at a provincial sale outside New York last year. It was being mistakenly sold as a portrait of an unknown woman by Gilbert Stuart, most famous for painting George Washington on the dollar bill.
"Even in its dirty state it was quite clear that this woman had stubble," said Mould, who bought it, brought it to the UK and began further research and restoration.
"Cleaning is always a revelation and on this occasion it revealed that not only was it in lovely condition but, more pertinently, the Gilbert Stuart signature cleaned off revealing the name Thomas Stewart, a theatrical painter working in London in the 1780s and 1790s."
Everything then began to click into place. "What is so unusual about this portrait is that it is so brazenly demonstrative in a period when you don't normally get that type of alternative persona expressed in portraiture," said Mould. There is no attempt to soften his physiognomy – basically, he was a bloke in a dress with a hat."
The discovery was tremendously exciting, said Mould. "We are the main dealers in British portraiture, doing it for something like 30 years and I must have sold two or three thousand British portraits to museums and institutions – but never have I come across something quite so idiosyncratic. I've never had anything which is so off-beam."
Even without the cross dressing D'Eon is a seriously interesting person. Before living publicly as a woman he was a famous French soldier and diplomat who had a key role in negotiating the Peace of Paris in 1763, ending the seven years war between France and Britain.
After 13 years living in London he was not inclined to return to Paris, resorting to blackmailing the French crown with a threat to sell secrets after he was officially recalled.
"He had information about French plans to invade England, despite the peace that was being negotiated," said Peltz. That led the king, then Louis XVI, making the highly unusual edict that D'Eon could remain only if he lived his life as a woman which, at the time, would have been an enormous disempowerment.
"It was very much due to D'Eon's own encouragement, putting forward the idea over some period.
"As far as we can tell D'Eon was Britain's first openly transvestite male who was able to live out the life that his gender orientation demanded of him – and he was able to get away with it, feted as a particularly brave and courageous woman."
London society, not particularly known for its liberal tolerance, accepted D'Eon as a woman and she became well known for fencing demonstrations in theatres – dressed as a woman, of course.
D'Eon was not the most feminine of transvestites. Aside from the stubble, she hitched her skirt when she went up stairs and was rather course and boorish. None of that stopped pioneering feminist writers including Mary Robinson and Mary Wollstonecraft hailing D'Eon as a shining example of female fortitude, someone women should look at and aspire to.
The painting is known to be a copy of one exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1791 by Jean Laurent Mosnier, which is in an aristocratic collection. The Stewart portrait was probably commissioned by the libertine Francis Rawdon Hastings, second Earl of Moira and first Marquess of Hastings.
Interest in D'Eon has seldom waned with biographies every 20 years or so between the 1830s and 1950s. The Beaumont Society, which gives advice to the transgendered community, was named after D'Eon.
We will never know, of course, if D'Eon was transgender or transvestite but Peltz said she was clearly extremely courageous.
"The painting sheds fascinating light on gender in history and one of the reasons the gallery was so keen to acquire the portrait is that D'Eon is such a fantastically inspirational figure and one of the very few historical figures that the gallery can represent that is a positive role model for modern LGBT audiences."
• The portrait is on display in room 15 of the National Portrait Gallery

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Most Pathetic Loser yet

This is a contribution from my dear friend Giselle. This pathetic freak of a male actually pays his ex wife to keep him around. His ex wife's basement has been converted into a so-called nursery and she pays his mother to babysit him every weekend where he also has his own baby room. He even wears diapers and pink plastic panties to work. There is something seriously wrong with this one. Here's the info from his bio in his own words, he also invites you to call or message him to humiliate him further:

Country:United States
About Me:I'm a 24/7 pathetic diaperbitch. I will always wear diapers and rubberpants and live my life as a pathetic baby. Goo goo gaa

Call me to tell me what a pathetic diaperboy I am!

Please show my pictures to EVERYONE and humiliate me for being a full-time pathetic diaperboy!!!!!!!!

My profile only says man because there is no option for "Diaper Fairy".

For more photos of this loser go to:

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Sissy Loser Tyler is BACK!

With TONS of hilarious new photos to gawk and  giggle at. Look at him pose in that little blue silky cami and teensy black panties! All that body hair with that pretty lingerie just gets me. He's even sharing pics of his ass getting fucked by dildos and even REAL cock. He's such a pathetic little loser fag. He even wears diapers! OMFG!!!!! EEEEEWWWWW!!! He's so gross. He has such a tiny dick and even had the nerve to ask if it was average or if I could deep throat him! EW! Like I would want his tiny 5-incher anywhere near me. I'm gagging just thinking about it!

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Garters and Stockings and Dildo's... Oh My!

I am just loving these pics... the composition is awesome as far as sissy pics go. This guy clearly doesn't want to hide what he loves most: dressing up in pretty things and taking cock in his ass. Such a true sissy-fag, this one. I just love the tartan skirt with the stockings and garters. This one has a bit of fashion sense, I do give the sissy boy that.